The Future Of Marketing Is Story

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. They set vision, values & agenda of an entire generation to come.” – Steve Jobs

“No tribal Chief or Elder has ever handed out statistical reports, charts, graphs or lists of facts to explain where the group is headed or what it must do.”  Peg Neuhauser, author & business consultant

Several centuries ago, people communicated ideas, beliefs and values around a campfire or dinner table. There were no televisions, radios or broadcast news to bombard you with what to think.

Ideas were passed from person to person through story… influenced by religious, cultural and political contexts.

Then advertising and the broadcast era took over. The “corporation” became the main storyteller. Humanity is told one story over and over again. That story begins to tear the fabric of who we are culturally, who we are spiritually… that story begins to wreak havoc on the natural world and the one spirit of humanity.

With the advent of social media, all of that changed.

The power of the story went back into the hands of the average person. Look at Antoine Dodson or that double rainbow guy. These are stories that pierce through to the heart of what makes us human, and they go viral.

Your story, or your company story, is the heart and soul of your business. If you tell it well you have an unprecedented opportunity to influence the world with whatever you are called to do.

Sit down and write WHY you do what you do.

Write HOW people change after interacting with you.

Show the BIGGER VISION of why you are taking up space in the market.

That’s a great start. And we’ll be sharing A LOT more on this.