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We are a spiritually business-minded company

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We develop strategies, create content, build products, launch campaigns, design systems, drive traffic — all to inspire and assist spirit-minded entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place.  We align their marketing, their message and their outlook so they succeed in furthering that mission without feeling like they’ve sold their soul.

Mike Hill

Mike Hill

“I’ve been doing online marketing for 17 years now and loving it, but the truth is, in the beginning, I wasn’t really sure it was for me.

Within 6 months of entering the industry, I was ready to leave. I was completely disgusted by the lack of integrity and immoral business practices I witnessed and the predominately ego-based and money-driven motives behind the “experts”. As a spiritually-driven empath, I just couldn’t take it.

I thought, this isn’t right, this isn’t right… but I wanted to support my family to live in total freedom so I found a way to do online business in alignment with my values. Until now, I haven’t really taught much, I’ve just been DOING.

I ended up learning how to buy and sell ads where I was able to separate myself from a lot of the internet marketing industry and I did that for a long time.

It treated me well.

My company, Media Management Association has made so many companies hundreds of millions of dollars.

We’ve had hundreds of billions of ad impressions.

We spend $600,000 – $800,000 a month on ads for clients. (We have a pretty good sense of what works having collected that much data for that many years!)

Recently, I’ve spent less and less time with my ad agency and more time on retreat and helping organizations like the Heart Math Institute because what I’m really interested in is consciousness – and using what I’ve mastered over many decades to respond to both crisis and opportunity that’s happening with humanity RIGHT NOW.

I see empowering YOU as one of the most potent keys to unlock humanity’s potential.

I know I can’t teach nor reach everybody but it’s my hope that by giving you the tools that you need minus all the stuff that makes you feel slimy or out of “self”, that you’ll be able to succeed in the same way I have in many areas of my life, not just in business, but with family, friends…everything!

I want you to be able to have the tools I’ve had without the filter of “is this what everybody else is doing?”

Because what I do is not what everybody else does. But…it works really, really well.

I want to be able to share with you all of the insights that I’ve had and that I continue having, that I can’t share with non-spirit-based businesses.

Hopefully you understand what I’m saying. And hopefully, this resonates with you.

Success isn’t just monetary.

It’s so much more than that. But monetary is good too! It helps you do the work! It helps you accept everything that Spirit wants you to have.

There’s no reason to have “lack”.

There’s plenty plenty plenty!

I look forward to working with you all soon.”


Kylie Slavik

Kylie Slavik

Meet Kylie Slavik, Copywriter and Story Marketer, Co-Founder of My Spirit Business, Speaker, and Coach to Thousands.

“Before my ads and copy reached multi-millions of people, I sold high-ticket programs in countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Dubai, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, India and Panama…

Before I became a coach to thousands of healers and visionaries worldwide…

I was a Massage Therapist trading my time for money, producing local spoken word and healing events, believing I was working at the highest level contribution I could make and working tirelessly, oftentimes without pay (for the events) to that end.

Fate had other plans for me. I was not to stay small and hidden in this “wounded healer” cycle…

A car accident led to a serendipitous meeting with a globally-renowned spiritual teacher, who healed my arm in the parking lot of a grocery store. I was walking towards the store holding my arm in pain. She came to me and asked if she could touch it. As she touched it, the pain disappeared.

We stayed connected for months. Then one day, she invited me to New Zealand on a teaching tour to learn from her as she travelled. While there, she introduced me to indigenous elders of the Maori People, who embraced me as family. 

On this same trip, I also met a Cherokee Medicine Woman and Spiritual Astrologer who became the greatest influencer in my life.

One day she told me:

“You need to become an entrepreneur. If you don’t, you are holding your soul back a grade in school. Stop trading dollars for hours…Take up space. Step into your power. Be all you can be. Do what you came here to do!”



The next day I went to a bookstore and a book on Internet Marketing practically jumped off the shelf at me. I knew the future of business was online so I read it, and never looked back. 

Since then I’ve generated millions of dollars in sales in the “conscious business” space, and pioneered new methods of Facebook and LinkedIn Ad copy that others have used successfully. More recently, I’ve been focused on story-based marketing that has gotten my clients 50% increase in sales from their webinars and high ticket sales just from adding one story to their sales page! And most importantly, my clients tell me, by giving them “a way to feel super aligned and empowered in marketing and business again after a long career of feeling weird and gross and just giving up”.

I believe the powerful instant communication we have online gives the visionaries and healers an unprecedented opportunity to alter humanity’s course for the good. 

I have dedicated my life to that. I invite you to be a part of it.”

– Kylie

What We Do

Our number one priority is to help spirit-driven businesses progress and help more people, using ethical and highly effective strategies. Contact us for more information.


We’ve created simple, but powerful, ways to connect with your audience.

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Need help and guidance on how to create your new product, or simply need to re-vamp what you already have? Together we’ll create something great.

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We have setup communities with thousands of members and we can help you do the same.

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We’ll take a close look at your business to seek out possible flaws so that we can reinforce your business and make it stronger.

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